China, Shenzhen Metro Line7 Municipal Lighting, Special LED Lights

Shenzhen Metro Line7 Municipal Lighting, Customized LED Lights

 Shenzhen Urban Rail Transit Line 7 total length is 30.2 kilometers. The project includes 28 stations (including 12 transfer stations), Antuo Parking Lot, Shenyun Depot and the Shenzhen Rail Transit Network Operation Control Center (NOCC) engineering.The Line7 connecting Nanshan, Futian, Lo Wu three major residential areas and the employment zone, which is great significance to improve the structure of Shenzhen Metro network is of great.

SPARKOE boost Shenzhen Metro Line 7 won the Gold Award of the National Quality Project

The National Quality Engineering Award is part of the People's Republic of China Quality Award (referred to as the National Quality Award) and the highest honor award in terms of construction quality. The Gold Award of the National Quality Project represents the highest level of construction quality in our country.

SPARKOE is well-known provider of LED railway lighting solutions in the field of rail lighting, with advanced technology, full range of rail lighting products have passed CCCF(China Certification Center for Fire Products Ministry of Public Security), and has undertaken Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou , Lanzhou and many other urban rail lighting projects with excellent lighting solutions.

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