Solar Street Light construction project of Deqin County, Yunnan Province

Deqin County is located in the national Baima Snow Mountain Reserve and the core hinterland of the Three Rivers Parallel 

World Natural Heritage. The climate is greatly affected by the altitude, and the territory is beautiful and the national culture 

is rich.

In response to the construction requirements of “double propulsion” policy of solar street lamps for poverty alleviation in 

2017, Spark solar street lights are designed according to the principles of safety, reliability, advanced technology, economical 

reasonable, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance, national representative elements and 

characteristics, and elegant appearance. Carrying out, the product design fully reflects the national elements of the Tibetan 

people's "eight treasure map", "white" and "yellow" and the ethnic elements of the "bow" and "red" of the Lisu people, and 

jointly build warmth and  peaceful community with the Tibetan and Lisu people of Deqin County.

Product configuration:

1.Light pole: 7 meters

2.Luminaire:40W, light efficiency >160LM/W. Ra>70. Color temperature 5000±275K. Protection grade IP65

3.Solar panels: 90WP, polycrystalline silicon solar panel, high conversion efficiency

4.Storage and control integrated ternary lithium battery: 30AH, light control, time control combined system intelligent control

The construction of Spark solar street light not only illuminates the village road along the line, but also brings convenience to

the villagers' travel. It also warms the hearts of the villagers and has won unanimous praise from the local villagers.


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